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Cloud Accounting Specialists for Outsourced Accounting Solutions

Our experienced Chartered Accountants lead a passionate team of cloud financial management experts able to provide all your outsourced accounting and other business solutions your company needs.

Key Services

Outsourcing The Way To Go for SME’s

We offer a full range of outsourced business solutions from bookkeeping and payroll to sophisticated financial director level experience for the SME.

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We offer a full range of bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, monthly SARS submissions, annual returns and more.

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Every single business needs a financial director, even for a few hours per year. From tax advice to business systems upgrades, business analysis and advanced reporting – see what we can do for your business and peace of mind.

We offer a large range of business services such as helping you raise finance or sell your business, restructures and mergers, business coaching and international transaction guidance.

We specialise in the beautiful cloud accounting application called Xero. Xero is an open ecosystem which means there are hundreds of third party cloud applications that can plug into it. We already support many of these and are constantly adding more.


Cloud Accounting and Business Technologies

Cloud applications have changed business operations completely. The always accessible business information together with the ability for multiple applications such as accounting systems, inventory systems and CRM systems all talking to each other makes traditional, locally installed software become a significant business risk.

With cloud solutions, most businesses no longer need expensive servers to manage their files and databases. This can also significantly reduce monthly IT support costs as well.

Backups done automatically
Ever forgotten to switch the tape in the backup drive? Most cloud applications have enterprise grade backup solutions built into their offering. For those who would like a second copy anyway, many online incremental backup solutions protect your data even further.

Which version of the ledger do the auditors have?
Xero, our preferred online accounting solution, only has one version of the ledger from day one. No prior year backups, no restoring the wrong year into the current database, no double checking trial balances again and again to ensure the “current“ ledger is the correct one.

New Features
No more “new feature envy“. New features are rolled out while you sleep so you don’t have to call in the IT guy to upgrade your systems.

Always Available
Cloud applications are accessible with most devices with a screen 24/7. You can check your debtors while you wait for your coffee, or invoice your client before you walk out the door or see how the sales team is doing, all realtime.

Eye on the future
Data capturing into accounting systems is almost a thing of the past with cloud applications such as ReceiptBank able to use optical character recognition to capture supplier invoices and till slips automatically.